This is the 2d Ising model. Click inside to activate and give microphone access. Make sounds to increase disorder. Yell at it if you feel like it. Highlight below to learn about the physics.
The 2d Ising Model is a simple and foundational model in statistical physics, simulated above. Each site in the lattice can be in one of two states, black or white. Each site wants to do the same thing as its neighbours. The model is also equipped with a temperature. As the temperature is increased, everything becomes more disordered and the sites will start to fluctuate wildly. On this website, the temperature is controlled by the sounds that you make; if you yell at the screen the temperature goes up. If you yell enough you can drive the system through the phase transition. You can also click inside to flip individual spins.
(There are some browser compatibility issues: it seems to work best on Chrome. If it doesn't respond to your voice try here. If it still doesn't work please email me and tell me which browser you're using.)